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About these compositions

These tracks are a small selection of music I’ve written for theatre, film and dance. Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to hear more pieces from a particular show. All instruments performed/programmed by myself unless otherwise stated.

1. The White Raven.  From Blackshaw Theatre‘s Gormenghast: Titus Groan, which had a run at the Actor’s Church, Covent Garden in 2012. Flute: Rachel Weber; Cello: Millie Cook.

2. Fuchsia’s Theme.  Also from Gormenghast: Titus Groan. Flute: Rachel Weber; Cello: Millie Cook.

3. Change in the Air.  Written for a dance production by Shooby Ballinger in 2010.

4. Magical Dance.  From Gap Rep Theatre’s production of The Tempest in 2009. Flute/piccolo: Rachel Weber.

5. Opening.  From M.A.D.E Theatre’s Serendipity Cottage, written by David Taylor, directed by Rebecca Frecknall.

6. Jake Finishes the Novel.  Also from Serendipity Cottage.

7. A Hopeful Theme.  Also from Serendipity Cottage.

8. Ending.  Also from Serendipity Cottage.

9. The Endless Lens.  From the R&D of An Anthology of Images by See It In Your Head. Directed by Rebecca Frecknall.

10. Piano Haze.  Also from An Anthology of Images.

11. Cue 5.  From a documentary by Julie Bates, Tribal Art: Ancient Tattoos in the Modern World.

12. Anipattern.  Composed for a short film of the same name.

13. OminoElectro.  

14. Scandinavian Waterfalls.