Greg Harradine



I am a composer and musician with a passion for working creatively with others.

I am a composer and pianist, based in the Scottish Borders. Influenced equally by classical and folk traditions, I find inspiration in the natural world, as well as in other art forms, especially literature and painting. I compose for the concert hall and for the stage, recent commissions including Flux Alluvia for string sextet, Caledonian Portraits (a suite of 8 art-inspired pieces for solo piano), Incandenza Variations for orchestra, a street opera, incidental music for theatre, and a regular output of piano music.

I was Resident Composer at Soho Theatre as a result of winning the Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer Award back in 2014 and have collaborated with many theatres including the Young Vic, Arcola Theatre and Theatre Uncut. My compositional language is largely tonal, often lyrical, and attempts to grasp the complex inner life that we all experience.

I’m always interested to discuss ideas and collaborations, so do get in touch.

Selected credits


2024   Flux Alluvia (for string sextet) — commissioned by Connecting Threads
2023   Caledonian Portraits (8 solo piano works) — Creative Scotland funded
2021    Waltz for Lyra (for flute & piano) (video)
2021    Last Journey to the Greensward (for flute & piano) (video)
2019    Incandenza Variations  Kingston U3A Orchestra (orchestral piece)
2018    The Story of Henry Wicker  MGSO4 Festival (suite for cello & piano)
2014    Letters to the Frontline  Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre (dance work)
2014    By Your Side  Military Wives Choirs (SSA + piano)


2022  The Library of Des Esseintes (video / score)
2022  Capriccio No. 1 (video / score)
2022  Winter Landscape (video / score)
2021  An Aggregate of Last Moments (video / score)
2021  Delete the Adjectives (video / score)
2021  The Moons of Pluto — V. Hydra (video score)
2021  Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (video  /  score)
2021  Oxen of the Sun (video / score)
2021  Nocturne for Oppenheimer (video / score)
2021  The Moons of Pluto — IV. Nix (video / score)
2021  Three ‘Profession’ Pieces (videos 1, 2 & 3 / score)
2021  The Moons of Pluto — III. Styx (video / score)
2021  Sub Specie Aeternitatis (video / score)
2020  The Moons of Pluto — II.  Kerberos (video / score)
2020  The Moons of Pluto — I.  Charon (video / score)
2020   In Search of Elphinstone (video / score)
2020   City of Regret: John Proctor’s Inevitable Demise (video / score)
2020   Praeludium Pentagonus (video / score)
2020   The curse is come upon me (video / score)
2020   The Standing Stones of Brodgar (video / score)
2020   The Aleph (video / score)
2020   Midnight in Argentina (video / score)
2020   Conflagration in D# minor (video / score)
2019    Mercury (as seen from a Bamboo Grove) (video / score)
2019    As My Beloved Writes Two Rooms Away (video / score / mp3)
2019    Triads (video / score / mp3)
2019    The Lassitude of Hal Incandenza (video / score)
2019    Canon No. 1, “Heat Death of the Universe” (video / score / mp3)
2019    The Muted Nostalgia… (video / score)
2019    Isle of the Dead (videoscore)
2019    Elegy for a Rehearsal Room I Once Knew (videoscore)
2019    Monomania (videoscore)
2016    Three Chords for Calliope (videoscore)


2020    Cloud, Castle, Lake  for flute & piano (video / score)


2016    Drifting Dragons  Baseless Fabric
2016    Soho Young Playwrights  Soho Theatre
2016    Dare to Reimagine  Theatr Iolo
2015    You, Me & Everything Else  Camisado Club
2015    King Mackerel  Swanage Fish Festival
2015    Three Short Beckett Plays  Whispering Beasts
2014    Rivers of London  Look Left Look Right
2014    Theatre Uncut 2014 Tour  Theatre Uncut
2014    I Kiss Your Heart  Soho Theatre
2013    The Pardoner’s Tale  By Moonlight Theatre
2013    East  By Moonlight Theatre
2012    Ghost Stories of an Antiquary  Never Heard Of It Productions
2012    The Taming of the Shrew  By Moonlight Theatre
2012    Gormenghast: Titus Groan  Blackshaw Theatre
2011    An Anthology of Images  See It In Your Head
2010    Serendipity Cottage  M.A.D.E Theatre
2010    Trojan Women  Kingston University Theatre
2009    The Tempest  Gap Rep Theatre
2009    Cabaret Voltaire  Kingston University Theatre


2010    Tribal Art: Ancient Tattoos in the Modern World  Julie Bates
2010    Sliding Identities  Alexandra Lerman
2010    Yaramayawho  Blanca Martinez de Rituerto